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interested in me

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What's wrong with me?

My mother's face, which I had never seen before, was completely white and I could only see her eyes.

My mother had been crying for a long time, my father was crying, but not a single sound had come out of my mother's mouth.

How could this happen to me? What happened to my mother? I don't understand how this could happen. I'm not even a girl from China!

I'm confused about how my mother could be able to see my eyes. It is said that if you look at a lot of people in a room for a long time, you can sense if they're looking at you, if they're happy, if they're angry, if they're sad. It was the same for my mother. She seemed to be looking at me, but I couldn't tell if she was looking at me or not.

I thought that my mother was probably worried because she didn't want me to be with someone who didn't love her. She couldn't really say anything to me about how I should be looking at girls. She wasn't very good at it. She always looked at people from the outside, not from inside and she never really looked at the inside. My brother and sister-in-law were always very interested in girls and always found the most attractive girls. My mom used to have an interest in guys too, but she only did that in her sleep. It seemed like she really liked girls, but didn't know how to put it into words. As you can imagine, my mother doesn't like to see her own daughter being too picky. I remember once, when I was in middle school, I didn't want to go out with the boys. I knew there's nothing to it, so I kept my distance. At the end of the summer, my mother called me and told me she wanted me to go out. I said I had to go because of some school activities. She looked like she was about to say something else, and then said, "Don't go, because you'll get rejected." I told her I'd rather die than go out with them. I wasn't even sure if I was going to go to school or not. So I sat in the car with my mom and her friends, and I sat there for the entire day. I just couldn't go out. My mom told me, "You have to go, you've got to go. If you don't go, you'll be in trouble." I said, "Okay." I went.

This was a year or two after I got out of the Army. I had been in the military since I was 16 or 17, and I didn't have to go to school again. I was just kind of doing my own thing, just living my life, doing my own things. Now when I'm in town, it's really kind of hard to go out to clubs or something. And you'd be like, "Why are you not going out?" And I'd say, "Oh, I'm not that good." I just don't get it. I think I was just so focused on my job. Like, you know, "If I get a job with this, I'll make this a lot of money. If I don't, then I can't afford to live this way." So I just was living really just by the rules and not paying attention to other people or to anything that would really help me. I mean, I never really thought about anything. I'd just be like, "Oh, that's all I have to do."

I was kind of like, "Okay, I guess I can have a couple of drinks here and there and have fun, but I don't really have anything to give to anybody else. I'm just trying to make money, and I'm gonna go home and watch television and just get home at 7 o'clock and get a couple of hours sleep." You know? I mean, I did some pretty stupid things, but it's hard for me to even say it, so I don't think I'm a terrible person. I just think I was trying to be a normal person and have a normal life. And you know, that's what I had to do in order to get to where I am right now. That's all.

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I remember when I got into the business, I used to meet so many girls online, and there was always somebody who was just so excited, who was like, "Oh, this is what I want to do for a living," and I would just go, "Well, you don't have to." That wasn't the way I thought of it. I thought it was all about the money, but it was actually more about the power and how I could make a lot of money online and not have to worry about what I look like and I could just be myself. It was the way that people like myself could make a difference in the world, and I was just really excited to be doing it. I loved it.

I really liked going to the parties and doing those things, and I also loved being able to just get out in front of a crowd and people would talk to me, and I loved that. It was one of those things that I liked doing, but it was also a fun thing to do in a social context. And when I was working at Google in Asia, there were always girls who were interested in meeting up. And I was so happy when I saw that one day. I was like, 'That's it! I'm going to start my own dating site!' and I did it. So yeah, I was going to start a dating site.